• A-Level英语-布莱克作品的时代背景Blake - Context A-LEVEL

    Revision: Blake - Context INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION accelerated pace of change town: machinery, industry country: agricultural continuity of families broken - not all were in same country village forges: industry growth of child labor - textile factories and chimney sweeps Blake inspired by furnaces - positively and negatively profit for mill owners POLITICAL REVOLUTION Rousseau - man is born free but is everywhere in chains French/American Revolutio

  • A-Level英语-Carol与小红帽Carol and Little Red Cap A-LEVEL

    Revision: Carol Ann Duffy - Little Red Cap Little Red Cap Background The poem Little Red Cap is among others where Duffy has based this poem on a fairytale story, in this case, Little Red Riding Hood. The story is based on a young girl who is tricked by a wolf and ends up being eaten but later saved by a woodcutter. Duffy's poem has a few differences to the original version of the story. For example, this poem uses imagery to create a very sexual

  • A-Level英语-布莱克写作风格的影响因素Ideas that A-LEVEL

    Revision: Ideas that influenced Blake Children - Blake saw children as innocent, and believed that they should be free as a bird (How can the bird that is born for joy/Sit in a cage and sing? [The Schoolboy]). Also the spiritual side of children - their innocent souls. Corrupted by the evils in society e.g. being a chimney-sweep. The Bible - Blake read this every day! But he still hated the Church! He saw Priests as parasites, feeding off the mys

  • A-Level会计-银行对账报表Bank Reconciliation Statement A-LEVEL

    Revision: Bank reconciliation statements Bank reconciliation statements The cashbook of the firm will show the cash payments and receipts that arise out of transactions. It will also show money being paid into and out of the firm's bank account. On a fairly frequent basis, the firm will actually receive a copy of a bank statement which is produced by the bank in which the firm holds an account with. This will detail the money paid into and out of

  • A-Level会计-现金出纳簿Cashbooks A-LEVEL

    Revision: Cashbooks and petty cashbooks Cashbooks and petty cashbooks A cashbook is the cash account and the bank account combined into one single account. We already know how to maintain a separate cash account and bank account. The two accounts below are just straightforward examples of double-entry accounts: However the cashbook combines the two separate accounts into one joint account. The example below is just the two separate examples from

  • A-Level会计-审计Control Accounts A-LEVEL

    Revision: Control Accounts For a small firm, the trial balance alone may prove sufficient in providing a check on the numerical accuracy of the ledger accounts. Whilst still useful, the trial balance will not necessarily speed up the location of errors. If a firm operates ledgers for sales, purchases and general accounts then control accounts can be used as a further check on the accuracy of the ledgers. In effect, a control account is like a tri

  • A-Level会计-平衡收支表Balance sheets A-LEVEL

    Revision: Balance sheets Balance sheet - introduction The balance sheet is a list of balances arranged according to whether they are assets, capital or liabilities, to depict the financial situation of the business on a specific date. It is often referred to as a 'snapshot' of the firm on a particular date - as if we had entered in the firm and taking photographs of the various components that make up the business. It can only be constructed on o

  • A-Level会计-电脑会计Computers in Accounting A-LEVEL

    evision: Computers in accounting Uses and advantages and disadvantages of computers in accounting Traditionally accounts were kept by the means of handwritten record. Computers have only begun to be used in some of the functions of accounting over the last fifteen years or so. As computers became cheaper, easier to use, and more powerful, more firms have decided to computerize their own accounting records. However, some firms, (albeit a declining

  • A-Level地理-冰层运动Action of Ice A-LEVEL

    Revision: Action of Ice Definitions Coast: The strip of land where it meets the sea Coastline: The margin of land. The limit to which wave action takes place. Shore: The strip of land lying between the high and low water levels. Shoreline: The limit of the shore. The line where the shore and the water meet. Beach: A shore covered by a deposit of sand and/or pebbles. Factors Determining the Nature of Coasts Wave action Tidal currents Nature of the

  • A-Level地理-发达国家的农业Agriculture in MEDCs A-LEVEL

    Revision: Agriculture in MEDCs Agriculture in MEDCs is predominantly commercial as want to maximize profits. Farms are large, mechanised and technologically advanced to allow economies of scale. There is also very high diversity in MEDCs. There has been a lot of modernization in farming towards rationalization and increase in productivity (Organized Industrial Agriculture.) Therefore there are now: Larger farms specialization leads to monoculture