St. Ives High School

  Located in spacious grounds and a superb garden setting, St Ives High School has a proud tradition of excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  St Ives High School is developing close links with neighbouring primary schools in matters of curriculum, sharing of facilities and programs for gifted and talented children.

  St Ives High School has a long tradition of student excellence in curriculum, in the arts and on the sporting field. We have a long established Gifted and Talented program that offers both enrichment and extension. Our Hearing Support Unit offers educational programs for students with partial hearing. The school has a multicultural student body that supports and celebrates cultural diversity through its multicultural days. We are a proud local co-educational comprehensive government high school serving Sydney’s leafy North Shore.

  With an experienced and dedicated staff, St Ives High School is able to offer a wide-ranging curriculum that can be tailored to the needs of individual students.

  Our Performing Arts Unit offers extensive extra-curricular activities in drama, dance, music and performance. Our students use technology extensively ensuring they are equipped for the 21st century.

  In 2010, students from St Ives High School took part in two international visits. Japanese language students toured Japan while Visual Arts students visited galleries in Paris and London. In 2011 a cultural trip to China is planned.

  A strong, dynamic and very supportive parent body enhances the operation of the school. In addition to ongoing financial support, the Parents and Citizens organisation operates a school canteen and uniform shop.

  Strong student welfare and fair discipline are important aspects of St Ives High School. These provide a safe and harmonious environment in which all students have the opportunity to succeed.

  During late 2010, a major building program will see the school’s facilities increased to include two commercial kitchens. St Ives High School will then be one of a small number of schools able to offer Certificate III in Hospitality.

  In 2009 the school was fortunate enough to gain considerable government funding to brighten up the school. This included the painting of all previously painted external surfaces and the painting of 10 class rooms. The gymnasium has it's ceiling replaced and new lighting was installed. Internal corridors were also painted and they are due to be finished during 2010. Money was also allocated to gutting and refurbishing the boys toilets.

  Audio Visual Education

  St Ives High School is well equipped for the use of audio-visual education and operates using the ClickView System.

  Digital programs are accessible through every computer in the school.


  The St Ives High School Library was destroyed in a fire late in 2003. During 2004 rebuilding of the Library took place and the refurbishment of E Block was carried out.

  Computer Facilities

  St Ives High School is a fully networked school. Students have access to over 200 computers (including more than 120 MacBooks) in a cross-platform environment. The laptop program is supported by an extensive wireless network.

  Specialist facilities are available in the form of a multimedia room, a school-wide digital video system and e-learning is being utilised through the school’s intranet site.

  The school has recently installed over 20 Interactive Whiteboards.

  St Ives is fully committed to the use of technology as a tool to enhance student learning.

  The school is prepared for the Federal Government's Digital Revolution and is awaiting the delivery of the laptop computers later in 2009.

  Connected Classroom

  The connected classroom supplied by the NSW Department of Education and Training was installed in October 2008.

  The school purchased new furniture and blinds to enhance the teaching and learning space.

  The facilities have been used to talk to local schools and also for Professional Learning sessions for staff.

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