Georges River College – Oatley Senior Campus

  Oatley is the senior campus of Georges River College.

  Together with the Oatley Senior Campus, the College consists of three Yr 7 - 10 schools: Peakhurst High, Penshurst Girls High and Hurstville Boys High.

  The senior campus has a strong academic focus with a wide curriculum choice, as students feel more confident about their chances of focus in the HSC results if they can study their first preference subjects.

  The curriculum at Oatley appeals to students of all academic levels as it provides options for the best possible career and post school pathways. 75-minute lessons maximize learning.

  Oatley has a consistent across-faculty assessment and reporting program with procedures to contact parents when any problems occur. Strong teacher development and support programs ensure teacher morale is high and supportive of happy and successful classrooms.

  The learning environment Oatley is safe, disciplined, student-centred and caring with proactive welfare programs. STAR search is a program to identify students at risk. A fortnightly tutorial program develops study and social skills and prepares students for life after school. The school has articulated a strong stand against bullying and any form of discrimination.

  Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored. We have a corporate ‘mix and match’ style uniform which suits young adults and is firmly enforced. School uniform reflects an attitude to school and identifies Oatley students in the local community.

  Although the school focus is learning, we still have time for fun activities, sport, performance and a wide co-curriculum program.

  Georges River College is an exciting learning community with 4 years of specialist 7-10 education and welfare in the three middle schools followed by 2 years of preparation for living, studying and working in a co-educational world at Oatley Senior Campus.

  Our Senior Campus is co-educational and collegiate, providing a transition between school and university, TAFE or work in an atmosphere appropriate to the personal and social developmental needs of older adolescents. Oatley Senior Campus specialises in HSC learning and maximises post school opportunities for our students.

  Oatley Campus fosters a positive adult relationship between staff and students and the encouragement of respect for others emphasising self-development, self-motivation and self discipline. Individual worth, character education, work ethic and social values are given the highest priority.

  Georges River College is now known for its strong academic achievement and professional, vibrant education based on modern teaching and learning methodology in stimulating and challenging educational environments where young people full potential and future ambitions.

  "Shoot for the moon because, if you miss, you will end up among the stars"

  At Oatley Campus, we talk a great deal about stars and how the stars on our school badge represent our students - our stars. Everything we do is aimed at enhancing their education, their school experience and their futures.

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