East Hills Girls Technology High School

  The school's Mission and Statement of Purpose indicates that the school is committed to creating a stimulating, disciplined and purposeful learning environment that encourages students to pursue excellence in studies, sport and cultural activities. The school, students and parents have received many prestigious awards including the Director General's Award for Exceptional Quality and Outstanding Achievements in Quality Education for girls. In 1999 the school underwent a Technology School Review to keep its name as a Technology High School.

  The outcome was highly successful and the report produced by the external panel is an excellent one indicating the commitment of the whole school community to "educating girls for a technological future". The school's report will be included in the "Outstanding Schools Program" book. The school believes in education as a partnership between students, parents and staff. It is the strength of this partnership that ensures that the best educational outcomes occur. The school also has a strong presence in its own community and enjoys strong community and business support.

  Inspires - young women to achieve personal excellence

  Celebrates - the many successes of our students

  Reflects - on things that touched our school lives

  Pays Tribute- to the effort, enthusiasm and contributions of our school community

  Students’ results in statewide tests continue to reflect high expectations, commitment to quality teaching, the strong partnerships that we have with our parents and the consistent effort by our students. In the 2010 School Certificate (SC) 58 Band 6’s and 244 Band 5’s, making a total of 302 highest bands were awarded to students. There were high percentages of students’ achievements in the other external tests as well.

  Our Higher School Certificate (HSC) results included 14 students on the Distinguished Achievers List. Twenty one courses were above the state average. Congratulations all our HSC students, especially to Lilian Zsigoszki who came 8th in the state in Business Studies and achieved an ATAR of 99.15, an outstanding result! Our school received a very complimentary letter from the Board of Studies congratulating our school on the excellent HSC results and on the school’s inclusion in the list of top schools in the state.

  We enjoy celebrating our students’ success at many formal assemblies, as well as special assemblies such as the Creative and Performing Arts, Sport, Leadership, Effort, Merit and Academic Presentation Assemblies. To all students who have been acknowledged by an award, congratulations on doing your best. Always ‘Reach for the Moon’, that is aim high!

  Digital learning has been a strong focus throughout 2010. We formed a partnership with Pearson, well known publishers of digital teaching and learning resources. Three faculties have been active in using their on-line text books and workbooks which are accessible by students and teachers online at any time from any place. All faculties have work on MOODLE, our school’s e-learning software platform and this is always accessible by students.

  Our school’s online ‘Learning to Learn’ program provides students from Year 7 to Year 9 with the knowledge and skills to become effective, responsible and independent learners. This online program is strengthened with seminars for students in years 10, 11 and 12.

  This year, we carried out a very comprehensive evaluation of Information Technology in Pedagogy and Network Management. The evaluation report acknowledged the work done by the school and also recommended the steps that need to be taken to ensure that our school’s Vision continues to create a blueprint for the future. Implementing these recommendations will be an exciting journey of change as we develop new initiatives to increase the impact that we have on teaching and learning in our school.

  Our school is future-focused. We constantly seek to build on the past, to inspire, challenge and support our students to learn, aim high and to succeed. We are committed to the values of excellence, responsibility and equity.

  Our school was proud to be acknowledged for the strong partnership that we have with our parents and carers. Our school was presented with the South Western Sydney Region Award for Schools of Excellence for Increased Parental Engagement in Supporting their Child’s learning.

  This award acknowledges the work done by the staff for all the information evenings and events that we have implemented to help parents/carers support their child’s learning.

  I certify that the information in this report is the result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process and is a balanced and genuine account of the school’s achievements and areas for development.

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  • Q: East Hills Girls Technology High School优势有哪些?

    东山女子技术中学(East Hills Girls Technology High School)建于1953年,位于新南威尔士州悉尼西南部。一年四季分明,风和日丽。新南威尔士州海陆空交通均很发达,也是经济最活跃的区域之一。学校建立在此地区,给学生创造一个良好的学习环境。学校的目的是要建立一个刺激自律的学习环境,鼓励学生追求卓越,这所学校的学生获得了许多著名的奖项。

    东山女子技术中学(East Hills Girls Technology High School)重视学生、家长和员工之间的伙伴关系,认为只有这种强有力的伙伴关系,才能确保最佳的教育结果。学校在自己的社区有一个强大的业务,同时还有强大的社区和商业的支持。学校还具备先进的教学设施,满足所有人学习的需求。

    东山女子技术中学(East Hills Girls Technology High School)着眼于未来,同时不断回首过去,吸取经验,接受教训。学校挑战和支持学生寻求更高的目标和成功。学校获得了悉尼西南部地区学校卓越奖,也得到了更多的学生和家长的支持。学校的国际学生计划适用于所有海外来学校就读的学生。