Liverpool Girls High School

  Liverpool Girls' High School enjoys a fine reputation in the local community. A varied curriculum offers diverse learning opportunities. Quality learning for students is emphasised through the refinement of best practice in classroom teaching, the integration of effective teaching through technology, the incorporation of quality learning through community partnerships and the development of the best possible teaching programs to reflect syllabus requirements.

  The school has enjoyed the success of many quality awards including the Director General's Award for Vocational Education. As a learning environment that sets high standards, we seek to provide each girl with the skills and understandings that will enable her to achieve her potential and fulfil her role as an independent member of the community.

  We are proud to be a public comprehensive girls' high school in the NSW Department of Education and Communities, Southwest Sydney Region. We are a large multicultural girls' high school with over 87% of our students coming from a language background other than English (LBOTE). Our school has students from about 62 different countries with over 50 languages being spoken by our families. We also have a number of Aboriginal students who enrich the culture of our school.

  Our school is built on the premise that "we are a learning environment that sets high standards". This underpins the culture of our school, empowering young women to be responsible, respectful, caring learners and citizens who always strive for excellence in all they do in their lives as life-long learners.

  Our school is characterised as being a school that is innovative, responsive to individual student need and based on traditional values. The school offers a broad curriculum with choice and diversity focusing on academic, technological, sporting, creative, performing, social, community, work-based and leadership opportunities and experiences for all students. Teachers are committed to on-going professional learning and development which equips them to give students an up-to-date and relevant education. Our excellent results in the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate are a testament to this.

  As a school community we pride ourselves on the recognition of individual student needs and in the identification of the many community resources that we can link with to provide quality learning experiences for our students. The cohesiveness of our school community is reflected in the physical environment where student artworks, which proudly identify our multicultural identity, are widely displayed; on our web site; in classrooms where our commitment to quality teaching recognises and celebrates significance in everyday learning and in our interactions with the wider school community where our students are able to achieve success in a diverse and varied range of programs and settings.

  We as a school community are very proud of our school and work together in harmony to build on the outstanding reputation that the school has built since 1954. Enjoy reading and viewing our school web-site and learning about what makes our school, Liverpool Girls' High School, the special place that it is.

  The Aims of Liverpool Girls' High School

  To encourage the school community to cultivate, consolidate and extend academic, social, physical and personal development of each individual.

  To provide the school community with the skills for life-long learning and encourage active involvement within the school and wider community.

  To provide staff with opportunities to maintain and develop professionally and encourage high expectations providing quality teaching and learning.

  To foster partnerships with parents and the wider community.

  To foster, embrace and nurture cultural awareness and tolerance in the school and wider community.

  We believe  ...

  in providing quality teaching and learning programs that tailor the curriculum to meet individual abilities, needs and learning styles;

  in giving opportunities for involvement, participation, collaboration and co-operation in order to facilitate excellence;

  that all students and staff have the right to further their educational experience through extra-curricular and professional activities; and

  every student and staff member has the right to be provided with leadership opportunities and mentoring roles.

  We value ...

  honesty, respect and integrity;

  life-long learning;

  respect, understanding, and tolerance of each other's culture, ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, religion, beliefs and ability;

  a sense of belonging by being an integral part of the school and wider community;

  creating and maintaining a safe and purposeful learning environment; and

  personal achievement, encouraging everyone to achieve their personal best.

  We expect the school community to ...

  actively embrace the learning opportunities provided through the school curriculum, extra-curricular and professional learning activities;

  demonstrate commitment to learning and achieve personal best, striving to become critical thinkers and independent learners;

  take pride in and maintain the safety of the learning environment;

  demonstrate active citizenship within the school, local and wider community;

  take responsibility for individual learning behaviours, actions and resulting consequences; and

  respect and accept diversity and differences.

  We are committed to ...

  providing excellence in Girls' Education with a focus on individual needs;

  providing staff with the opportunity to demonstrate and enhance their expertise as models of lifelong learning;

  an environment for the school community that is safe, fair and focused;

  encouraging and rewarding personal achievements, and

  being an active and responsive learning community.

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  • Q: Liverpool Girls High School优势有哪些?

    利物浦女子中学(Liverpool Girls High School)建于1954年,位于悉尼南郊,是一所充满活力,多元文化的女子中学。学校是建立在“我们是一个学习的环境,并设定高标准”的环境下的,这强调了学校的文化,让年轻的女性成为负责人的、尊重你、关爱、学习者和在她们的学习生涯中努力追求卓越的公民。

    利物浦女子中学(Liverpool Girls High School)是一所创新的学校,基于传统的价值观,学校满足每个学生的需要,提供了广泛和多样的性的课程。学校对于能满足学生个人的需要,大量的社区资源,以及给学生提供高质量的教学感到自豪。学校的凝聚力体现在学生作品的物理环境中,而且通过这种环境我们能自豪的确定我们的多元化的身份。

    利物浦女子中学(Liverpool Girls High School)有超过87%的学生有着英语以外的语言背景,在这个大家庭里,有着来自大约62个国家,说着超过50种语言的学生,学校也有许多的原住民学生丰富我们学校的文化。



    有经验的ESL老师教授 给11年级和HSC提供英语基础课程


    心理辅导 个人事业指导

  • Q: Liverpool Girls High School毕业率如何?

    利物浦女子中学(Liverpool Girls High School)建于1954年,位于悉尼南郊,是一所充满活力,多元文化的女子中学。学校是建立在“我们是一个学习的环境,并设定高标准”的环境下的,这强调了学校的文化,让年轻的女性成为负责人的、尊重你、关爱、学习者和在她们的学习生涯中努力追求卓越的公民。

    利物浦女子中学(Liverpool Girls High School)是一所创新的学校,基于传统的价值观,学校满足每个学生的需要,提供了广泛和多样的性的课程。学校对于能满足学生个人的需要,大量的社区资源,以及给学生提供高质量的教学感到自豪。学校的凝聚力体现在学生作品的物理环境中,而且通过这种环境我们能自豪的确定我们的多元化的身份。