Arthur Phillip High School

  Arthur Phillip High School is located in the heart of Parramatta.Our coeducational city school caters for students from year 7 to year 12.We provide outstanding teaching and learning programs and our students consistently achieve outstanding HSC results.

  Arthur Phillip High School has always been a popular school: parents appreciate the opportunities students have to learn using laptops in a wireless environment. Our aim is to engage students using the technologies of their 21st century digital world.  Year 7 students use laptops and participate in an after school homework centre where staff assist them to manage their homework and assignments in their transition to high school.

  Our priority is to ensure that each student develops literacy and numeracy skills so that they are able to achieve success in whatever career they choose to pursue.

  Our staff embed literacy and numeracy skills in innovative teaching and learning programs. We use individual learning profiles for each student to ensure that their particular needs are met in the classroom.

  We believe that parents are an integral part of our school community and engage with them in a range of ways. In today’s busy world we have opened the door to our school through the online environment. Our parents are able to access up to date information about their child’s achievement and about school events including homework and assessment tasks.

  Arthur Phillip High School offers a broad and relevant curriculum to cater for the full range of students needs and interests.

  The Key Learning Areas are organised into the following faculties at Arthur Phillip High School:


  English as a Second Language



  History/Languages Other than English (LOTE)

  Social Sciences

  Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

  Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

  Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) - Industrial Arts and Home Economics.

  Career Advice

  The Careers Adviser helps students to define their career aspirations, develop career goals, explore career options and plan career and transition strategies.

  The Careers Adviser can help students:

  identify their abilities, skills and interests

  make career choices and directions

  choose school courses and plan for the HSC and further education and training

  access work place learning opportunities

  increase their understanding of career pathways, working conditions, areas of skill shortages, work/life roles and the world of work in general

  find courses at universities, TAFE and private providers of further education and training.

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  • Q: Arthur Phillip High School入学条件是什么?

    亚瑟菲利浦公立中学(Arthur Phillip High School)建于1875年,位于帕拉玛塔中心,是一所男女同校的综合性中学,招收7-12年级学生,学校为学生提供优秀的教学和学习项目,学校的学生都获得了优秀的HSC成绩。

    入学考试 无

    年级范围 7年级-12年级