Glenmore Park High School

  Glenmore Park High School (GPHS) is a comprehensive high school that provides excellent opportunities for individual success. We challenge our students to take responsibility for their learning, to become lifelong learners and confident, caring citizens. We achieve this through high quality teaching and inspirational, unique learning experiences. Our school is inclusive, catering for academic high achievers as well as students with special needs. GPHS celebrates outstanding student achievement across a comprehensive range of fields.

  We are a welcoming and friendly school that works in close partnership with our parents and wider community. We support and value parents as active participants in their child's education. Our broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by our experienced teachers, encourages creative and critical thinking as well as personal excellence. Quality facilities including technology, and supportive partnerships with local business, industry and tertiary institutions mean our more than 700 students have access to a broad range of opportunities to prepare them for a successful future.

  Glenmore Park High School has an enrolment of 781 students.



  The school canteen operates five days a week for the benefit of students and staff.

  Lunches may be ordered daily - before school or at recess.

  The canteen is only open before school and during recess and lunch breaks.

  The school canteen is closed during class time and the break between periods 2 and 3.

  The school canteen does not operate on the last day of the school year and students are required to bring their own food and drink for this day. Students are not allowed to use the services of the local shopping centre.

  At Glenmore Park High School our students are encouraged to be:









  Student access to the office is before school, recess and lunchtime. Students must not go to the office during class time unless they have a note from their teacher. Students must use the student enquiries entrance from the main quadrangle to the administration building, and parents are asked to use the entrance to the office at the front of the school.

  Payments by Students

  Payments to be made by students must be paid at the external window/counter before school, during the 20-minute recess (except Friday) or lunch and students will be issued with a receipt for all payments. Cash, cheque or eftpos payments are accepted.

  Please note eftpos payments will not be accepted after 11:45am on Fridays due to banking procedures.  No payments will be accepted at any other time.

  Telephone Messages

  Students must not be contacted by parents/caregivers on their personal mobile phones during class time. This is impolite and disruptive to teaching and the learning of all students.  Telephone messages for students will be taken in extremely urgent circumstances and will be monitored by a Deputy Principal.

  Lost Property

  If a student loses property:

  The loss should be reported to their teacher and, if permitted, they should obtain a pass enabling them to look for the lost property;

  The student should check at the student services counter to see if their property has been found and handed in.

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  • Q: Glenmore Park High School优势有哪些?

    格伦莫公园中学(Glenmore Park High School)建于1998年,是一所全面的、男女同校的综合性中学,建在一片广阔的土地上。学校致力于提供高质量的教学,并提供广泛的课程,给个人的成功提供一个绝佳的机会。

    格伦莫公园中学(Glenmore Park High School)挑战学生要对自己的学习负责,要成为一个终身的学习者,同时要成为一名自信的,充满爱心的公民。学校通过高质量的教学和独特的学习经验来现实这个目标。学校中还包括高学术成就以及有特殊需求的学生。格伦莫公园中学是一个受欢迎的,友好的学校,与父母、社区建立更紧密的合作关系,学校支持父母积极的参与到孩子的教育中。

    格伦莫公园中学(Glenmore Park High School)有经验丰富的教师完成所有课程的教学,这些老师鼓励创造性和批判性的思维,鼓励个人的成功。学校有完善的设施,与当地的商业、工业和大专院校合作,给予技术的支持,这意味着学校的学生都能获得实现一个成功的未来的机会。