Bowral High School

  Exceptional learning opportunities for all

  We pride ourselves in offering our students a learning environment that has a strong academic focus. Our senior students receive dedicated study days, a study skills program, access to computer labs in all faculty areas and a well equipped Library, to help them achieve strong HSC results.

  They also enjoy the opportunity to apply for early entry into Wollongong University.

  Our students are supported by dynamic and experienced teachers who constantly update their knowledge and understanding in their dedicated fields of expertise. A broad and extensive academic and vocational curriculum encourages all of our students to achieve to their full potential.

  We offer opportunities for all of our students to become confident, talented leaders in their local community through our Prefecture, Student Representative Council, representative Sport, a strong work placement program and vocational training courses.

  Excellent Facilities

  We can boast excellent and state-of-the-art facilities in many

  areas of the school.

  Digitally connected classrooms with electronic whiteboards

  Video conferencing facilities

  Six fully refurbished and redesigned science Laboratories

  Two fully renovated basketball courts

  Four specialist Visual arts classrooms

  A fully operational hospitality student run Cafe

  Purpose built woodwork and metalwork workshops

  Up to date computer labs in all subject areas

  A performance space with dance floor

  A large multi-purpose hall with stage

  A football field and well established grounds

  Quality teaching and learning

  We offer our students learning experiences in a wide range of subject areas. As well as offering the core subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, History and Geography, we have an extensive elective program that caters to the individual talents of our students in the Social Sciences, the Arts, Home Economics, Hospitality, Sport and Industrial Arts.

  We challenge our academically gifted students by streaming in Mathematics, English and Science while teaching to all levels of achievement for the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate.

  Our staff are fully accredited and experienced experts in their subject areas with many possessing Higher University qualifications and are supported by a well funded Professional Development program.

  Community Involvement

  We are a welcoming and friendly school with strong and valued links. Our students enjoy intensive work experience programs in year 10 and well into their senior years as well as the benefits of vocational courses at Moss Vale TAFE.

  Student Care

  Our pastoral care and mentoring programs ensure our students feel cared for and valued throughout their school lives. We have a vibrant Student Representative Council who organise fundraising and foster links to various groups in the local community.

  The school has a focus on shared decision making and relies upon an enthusiastic and committed group of student leaders to work alongside staff and parents to develop and implement shared school goals.

  Our support unit is operated by expertly and fully trained staff supported by a strong Regional and Statewide network.

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  • Q: Bowral High School留学怎么样?

    鲍勒尔中学(Bowral High School)建于1929年,学校有精力充沛且经验丰富的教师,他们会不断的更新知识和专业知识。学校设有广泛的学术和职业课程,鼓励所有的学生都去实现他们的潜能,学校为学生提供一个有很强学术焦点的学习环境。

    鲍勒尔中学(Bowral High School)为学生提供了一个支持性和高期望的环境,学校欢迎和尊重所有背景的学生,并给予帮助。



  • Q: Bowral High School申请条件是什么?

    鲍勒尔中学(Bowral High School)有长久的优良传统,在一系列领域都有成就。这所学校突出的优势是,不但重视当时的学习情况,而且对学生的学习有个预期。学校保持和家长、社区的良好关系,以确保学生达到最佳。学校的座右铭是“精益求精”,学校非常重视表演艺术课程,学校给学生提供音乐、舞蹈和戏剧方面的机会,除此之外,学校的体育项目是丰富的、多样的,学生会参加校际,区域,和全国性的比赛。

    鲍勒尔中学(Bowral High School)为学生提供了一个支持性和高期望的环境,学校欢迎和尊重所有背景的学生,并给予帮助。

    入学考试 无

    年级范围 7年级-12年级