Callaghan College – Jesmond Senior Campus

  Callaghan College Jesmond Senior Campus offers a dynamic and stimulating adult learning environment for the last 2 years of secondary education. Our culture, our structures, our curriculum, our 'VIBE' is developed to prepare young people for university and technical education or the world of work. Our school is proudly different in its operation because of the nature of the relationships with our student body. More freedom is given but more responsibility and integrity is expected.

  What is unwavering is our belief that every young person matters and each of their successful futures is vital for our nation.

  Vision Statement

  Callaghan College Jesmond Senior Campus offers student focused learning in a young adult environment.

  Mission Statement

  Jesmond Campus represents extended horizons and opportunities for all. Students and staff set high standards and strive to achieve their personal best.

  Students prepare to take their place as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing knowledge-based society.

  Our learning community has as its focus the development and growth of a culture that encourages high personal and academic standards in a young adult learning environment.

  Callaghan College considers how things are done in the adult world and tries to apply these principles in an educational environment.

  There is more freedom but greater responsibility for all members in a more adult learning environment. Every choice has a consequence therefore we need to make wise and considered choices whenever possible. Those choices are made in the classroom about participation in work set, to ongoing assessment and homework, and in relationships with other students and with staff. This concept challenges us all to accept responsibility for choices and to know what the possible consequences ofthose choices are.

  Policies replace rules. Policies are based on legal accountability, common sense, and what normal courtesy would dictate. Policies are aimed at providing a set of expectations to reinforce a positive learning environment in the classroom, to reduce conflict and confrontation, to guarantee student and staff rights to a safe and happy working environment, and to promote academic, cultural, and social achievement.

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