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fat是一个雅思常考词汇,这个词的常用解释为a. 多脂肪的, 肥胖的; 丰厚的n. 脂肪, 肥肉,这个词在很多英文原版小说中怎么应用呢,今天小编就带您了解一下。



-- I found Uriah reading agreat fat book, with such demonstrative attention, that his lankfore-finger followed up every line as he read, and made clammytracks along the page (or so I fully believed) like a snail.

-- Minnie laughed, and stroked her bandedhair upon her temples, as her father put one of his fat fingers intothe hand of the child she was dancing on the counter.



-- Her height was pretty, just such as almost every body would think tall, and no-body could think very tall; her figure particularly graceful; her size a most becoming medium, between fat and thin, though a slight appearance of ill-health seemed to point out the likeliest evil of the two.



-- "This morning I see 'em making the great puddens in the milking-pails lumps of fat as big as yer thumb, Mister Oak!I've never seed such splendid large knobs of fat before in the days of my life they never used to be bigger then a horse-bean.

-- In a few minutes she noticed the fat red nape of Coggan's neck among those standing just below her, and Joseph Poorgrass's saintly profile a little further on.



-- She is an oldish woman, with a bloated countenance, and a nose like a parrot's beak set in the middle of it; her fat little hands (she is as sleek as a church rat) and her shapeless, slouching figure are in keeping with the room that reeks of misfortune, where hope is reduced to speculate for the meanest stakes.



-- Across the road would be new rail fences, inclosing fat cattle andblooded horses, and the red earth that rolled down the hillside to the rich river bottom land would gleam white aseiderdown in the sun cotton; acres and acres of cotton!The fortunes of the O'Haras would rise again.

-- The fat cook, a yard negro elevated by necessity to the kitchen, never had the mealson time, and the chambermaid, formerly a field hand, let dust accumulate on the furniture and never seemed to haveclean linen on hand, so that the arrival of guests was always the occasion of much stirring and to-do.

-- Casting contemptuous glances at them, Scarlett thought that they looked like a clump of fat crows.

-- Scarlett longed for the fat old arms of Mammy.

-- The musicians clambered upon their platform, black, grinning, their fat cheeks already shining with perspiration,and began tuning their fiddles and sawing and whanging with their bows in anticipatory importance.



-- "You young dog," said the man, licking his lips, "what fat cheeks you ha' got."

-- Mr. Pumblechook, with a fat sort of laugh, said, "Ay, ay?

-- Nothing less than two fat sweltering one-pound notes that seemed to have been on terms of the warmest intimacy with all the cattle-markets in the county.

-- So I came into Smithfield; and the shameful place, being all asmear with filth and fat and blood and foam, seemed to stick to me.

-- "I don't take to Philip," said he, smiling, "for it sounds like a moral boy out of the spelling-book, who was so lazy that he fell into a pond, or so fat that he couldn't see out of his eyes, or so avaricious that he locked up his cake till the mice ate it, or so determined to go a bird's-nesting that he got himself eaten by bears who lived handy in the neighborhood.



-- If it were a pig now like that fat gentleman you are driving along at his ease one could do something with it; it would at any rate make sausages.'

-- To please you I will change, and give you my 13fine fat pig for the cow.'

-- Whoever roasts and eats it will find plenty of fat upon it, it has lived so well!'

-- 'I ought to have something into the bargain,' said the countryman; 'give a fat goose for a pig, indeed!

-- First there will be a capital roast; then the fat will find me in goose-grease for six months; and then there are all the beautiful white feath-ers.



-- Lady Scadgers (an immensely fat old woman, with an inordinate appetite for butcher's meat, and a mysterious leg which had now refused to get out of bed for fourteen years) contrived the marriage, at a period when Sparsit was just of age, and chiefly noticeable for a slender body, weakly supported on two long slim props, and surmounted by no head worth mentioning.

-- CHAPTER X. MRS. SPARSIT'S STAIRCASEMrs. Sparsit's nerves being slow to recover their tone, the worthy woman made a stay of some weeks in duration at Mr. Bounderby's retreat, where, notwithstanding her anchorite turn of mind based upon her becoming consciousness of her altered station, she resigned herself with noble fortitude to lodging, as one may say, in clover, and feeding on the fat of the land.



-- Yet he could live alone, in the wan satisfaction of being alone, and raise pheasants to be shot ultimately by fat men after breakfast.